About us

It was 2010, and we had just arrived in Canada,

We had just left Colombia, a country that produces a wide variety of fruits. A country where fruit juices accompany every meal and where there is an enormous diversity of fruit. On every street corner, street vendors and small restaurants offer delicious fresh fruit juices prepared before your very eyes.


How did the idea for Smoothfruit come about?

Summer 2010... recently arrived, we went to visit different summer festivals in Montreal and noticed that there weren't many healthy choices, so we thought, "Why don't we make a truck to drive around making smoothies with tropical and exotic fruits? We could give people a taste of our country!" So there you have it...we started designing our trailer and developing our recipes, going through dozens of proofs to arrive at the perfect texture and flavor for each and every one of our smoothies.


Me, Sandra, industrial designer, marketing specialist and lifelong entrepreneur, and Edwin, my husband, graphic designer (who always follows my ideas, my desires and my follies), started taking part in festivals all over Quebec. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't, but we went anyway! We knew that starting up a new business in a new country wasn't going to be easy, but we always said to ourselves: "We work, we learn, we improve, then we keep going!"

After a few years and a lot of hard work, we started to put Smoothfruit on the map with the quality of our smoothies and our customer service. Now, for almost 12 years, our smoothies continue to be prepared year-round at festivals, parties, business meetings, sports competitions and all manner of events in front of thousands of people and hundreds of companies!

All these experiences are the ones that count most for us, for our learning, for moving forward, for never giving up!

Our goal has remained the same since the beginning: to facilitate healthy, nutritious eating as a lifestyle and a daily routine for people.
Thank you to all the people, companies and institutions who have placed their trust in us, and who have encouraged us over the years. Thank you for your always positive comments. Thank you for being part of the Smoothfruit adventure!

Sandra & Edwin 😉